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Advocate Telecom Blog

Hello and welcome to the blog. As you can see, we’ve recently launched our new website and are very happy to share our new look with the world. There are so many exciting changes happening in the telecom and IT world today that it makes my head spin. And we like to talk about how it affects us, and how it affects businesses like yours, so we will be sharing it all right here with you. On this blog, we’ll be posting the newest, most interesting, and most helpful information we discover that will be most relevant to you and your business. Whether it’s telecom, IT, or business-related news, you’ll find it here. We will also be talking, from time to time, about new services we provide and new things happening at. So bookmark this page and stop back by from time to time. And of course, feel free to leave comments if you like! We love feedback. Thanks, and we’ll talk to you soon!