At Advocate Telecom, we take pride in providing everything your business needs for a complete telecom solution. Below are listed the main services we provide. If you need something not listed here, contact us. Chances are we can help you.

Broadband – Stay connected in today’s competitive business climate! Advocate Telecom gives you access to cutting-edge solutions that deliver your high-speed business-class connectivity. Our broadband solutions include Internet EoC, DSL, DS3, Ethernet, Cable, and Fixed Wireless.

Cable – The power of traditional cable has crossed over into the business world in recent years, and the momentum continues to build. Cable offers lots of bandwidth at high speeds for low costs, so it’s no wonder it is becoming a popular choice for businesses. Advocate Telecom works with the most reliable cable providers in the industry to bring you the best business class cable services available.

Call Center – Whether operating a virtual or brick and mortar call center, Advocate Telecom can help build a comprehensive, feature-rich call center solution with no hardware, software, or upfront capital costs. Our call center solutions are 100% scalable, allowing you to add and subtract calling agents easily with the demand of your business needs.

Conferencing – Plan and execute virtual meetings through audio, video, and web conferencing solutions while saving them time and expenses of business travel. With Advocate Telecom, you’ll enjoy secure, interactive on-demand reservationless audio, operator-assisted, and web-based conferencing solutions designed to improve your remote meeting experience and enable more efficient business communications.

Hardware/Equipment – Advocate Telecom not only designs custom business communication solutions, but we also connect you with all the necessary pieces of the puzzle to make that solution work. Whatever your equipment needs may be, such as switches or routers, Advocate Telecom will help you secure the best equipment for the right price.

SIP Trunking – Supercharge your legacy PBX system and extend its life with SIP Trunking, while accessing the features and benefits of high-quality digital voice technology. Flexible and affordable, SIP Trunking connects to your existing IP PBX equipment and allows you to maximize your phone capabilities over a reliable Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) – Say goodbye to the headaches of managing multiple vendors, invoices, and other telecom issues

With Advocate Telecom handling your TEM, you have one reliable resource on your side of the table. We frequently find savings for customers in billing errors and other inaccuracies that save them thousands in yearly telecom expenses.

Unified Communications – Massively increase your team’s efficiency through Unified Communications solutions. With features such as voicemail to email, voicemail to text, mobile to desk phone call handoff, and many more, all your devices will act as one and share information across platforms.

VoIP – Voice over IP (VoIP) is a technology that allows both your voice and data traffic to utilize the same pipe (Internet, T1, Cable, etc.). This creates efficiencies and frequently lowers expenses. It also makes allows telecom and data devices to interact in ways not possible before, increasing the effectiveness of your business communications.