Advocate Telecom provides a wide array of wireless solutions to serve various business needs. Below is some information on some of our most popular wireless services.

Mobile Device Management – With the growing prevalence of mobile devices of all kinds, mobile device management, and monitoring is becoming vitally important to businesses. We can help you easily and effectively manage and monitor your mobile devices, which can reduce your costs and business risks alike.

Wireless Optimization Services – Our Wireless Optimization process involves a series of simple steps:

  • Analysis: A free, no-obligation analysis and audit of billing and usage data
  • Consulting: We present our analysis findings in a detailed report and make recommendations for increased efficiency and savings
  • Implementation: We take responsibility for implementing our recommendations smoothly and effectively
  • Ongoing Optimization: With customized monthly reporting and ongoing analysis, we maintain optimal savings for our clients from month to month 

On average, clients save over 29% of total spend after optimization, beginning within 1-2 billing cycles after implementation.

Wireless WAN – Leave the cables behind and convert to wireless WAN, all while still maintaining security through encryption and authentication.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) – Maximize your efficiency by connecting your wired and wireless machines together, allowing them to communicate without the need to be physically connected. This technology has multiple business applications and is gaining popularity as business goes mobile.

Fleet Management – Get the insight you need to most effectively manage your fleet. Our fleet management solutions allow you to monitor vehicle locations, arrival and departure times, and more. This not only saves you money by making your fleet more efficient, but it also will lower fuel emissions and your company’s carbon footprint.

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